Edit polygon

To edit a polygon you have to click on it while holding Shift, it will open the polygon editor.

  • In the editor you can create new points or delete part of a polygon by closing the line on another point.

  • When Intelligent polygon cropping option is activated in the settings, СVAT considers two criteria to decide which part of a polygon should be cut off during automatic editing.

    • The first criteria is a number of cut points.
    • The second criteria is a length of a cut curve.

    If both criteria recommend to cut the same part, algorithm works automatically, and if not, a user has to make the decision. If you want to choose manually which part of a polygon should be cut off, disable Intelligent polygon cropping in the settings. In this case after closing the polygon, you can select the part of the polygon you want to leave.

  • You can press Esc to cancel editing.