All URIs are relative to http://localhost

Class Method HTTP request Description
AnalyticsApi create_report POST /api/analytics/reports Create an analytics report
AnalyticsApi get_reports GET /api/analytics/reports Get an analytics report
AssetsApi create POST /api/assets Create an asset
AssetsApi destroy DELETE /api/assets/{uuid} Delete an asset
AssetsApi retrieve GET /api/assets/{uuid} Get an asset
AuthApi create_login POST /api/auth/login
AuthApi create_logout POST /api/auth/logout
AuthApi create_password_change POST /api/auth/password/change
AuthApi create_password_reset POST /api/auth/password/reset
AuthApi create_password_reset_confirm POST /api/auth/password/reset/confirm
AuthApi create_register POST /api/auth/register
AuthApi create_signing POST /api/auth/signing This method signs URL for access to the server
AuthApi retrieve_rules GET /api/auth/rules
CloudstoragesApi create POST /api/cloudstorages Create a cloud storage
CloudstoragesApi destroy DELETE /api/cloudstorages/{id} Delete a cloud storage
CloudstoragesApi list GET /api/cloudstorages List cloud storages
CloudstoragesApi partial_update PATCH /api/cloudstorages/{id} Update a cloud storage
CloudstoragesApi retrieve GET /api/cloudstorages/{id} Get cloud storage details
CloudstoragesApi retrieve_actions GET /api/cloudstorages/{id}/actions Get allowed actions for a cloud storage
CloudstoragesApi retrieve_content_v2 GET /api/cloudstorages/{id}/content-v2 Get cloud storage content
CloudstoragesApi retrieve_preview GET /api/cloudstorages/{id}/preview Get a preview image for a cloud storage
CloudstoragesApi retrieve_status GET /api/cloudstorages/{id}/status Get the status of a cloud storage
CommentsApi create POST /api/comments Create a comment
CommentsApi destroy DELETE /api/comments/{id} Delete a comment
CommentsApi list GET /api/comments List comments
CommentsApi partial_update PATCH /api/comments/{id} Update a comment
CommentsApi retrieve GET /api/comments/{id} Get comment details
EventsApi create POST /api/events Log client events
EventsApi list GET /api/events Get an event log
GuidesApi create POST /api/guides Create an annotation guide
GuidesApi destroy DELETE /api/guides/{id} Delete an annotation guide
GuidesApi partial_update PATCH /api/guides/{id} Update an annotation guide
GuidesApi retrieve GET /api/guides/{id} Get annotation guide details
InvitationsApi accept POST /api/invitations/{key}/accept Accept an invitation
InvitationsApi create POST /api/invitations Create an invitation
InvitationsApi decline POST /api/invitations/{key}/decline Decline an invitation
InvitationsApi destroy DELETE /api/invitations/{key} Delete an invitation
InvitationsApi list GET /api/invitations List invitations
InvitationsApi partial_update PATCH /api/invitations/{key} Update an invitation
InvitationsApi resend POST /api/invitations/{key}/resend Resend an invitation
InvitationsApi retrieve GET /api/invitations/{key} Get invitation details
IssuesApi create POST /api/issues Create an issue
IssuesApi destroy DELETE /api/issues/{id} Delete an issue
IssuesApi list GET /api/issues List issues
IssuesApi partial_update PATCH /api/issues/{id} Update an issue
IssuesApi retrieve GET /api/issues/{id} Get issue details
JobsApi create POST /api/jobs Create a job
JobsApi create_annotations POST /api/jobs/{id}/annotations/ Import annotations into a job
JobsApi destroy DELETE /api/jobs/{id} Delete a job
JobsApi destroy_annotations DELETE /api/jobs/{id}/annotations/ Delete job annotations
JobsApi list GET /api/jobs List jobs
JobsApi partial_update PATCH /api/jobs/{id} Update a job
JobsApi partial_update_annotations PATCH /api/jobs/{id}/annotations/ Update job annotations
JobsApi retrieve GET /api/jobs/{id} Get job details
JobsApi retrieve_annotations GET /api/jobs/{id}/annotations/ Get job annotations
JobsApi retrieve_data GET /api/jobs/{id}/data Get data of a job
JobsApi retrieve_data_meta GET /api/jobs/{id}/data/meta Get metainformation for media files in a job
JobsApi retrieve_dataset GET /api/jobs/{id}/dataset Export job as a dataset in a specific format
JobsApi retrieve_preview GET /api/jobs/{id}/preview Get a preview image for a job
JobsApi update_annotations PUT /api/jobs/{id}/annotations/ Replace job annotations / Get annotation import status
LabelsApi destroy DELETE /api/labels/{id} Delete a label
LabelsApi list GET /api/labels List labels
LabelsApi partial_update PATCH /api/labels/{id} Update a label
LabelsApi retrieve GET /api/labels/{id} Get label details
LambdaApi create_functions POST /api/lambda/functions/{func_id}
LambdaApi create_requests POST /api/lambda/requests Method calls the function
LambdaApi delete_requests DELETE /api/lambda/requests/{id} Method cancels the request
LambdaApi list_functions GET /api/lambda/functions Method returns a list of functions
LambdaApi list_requests GET /api/lambda/requests Method returns a list of requests
LambdaApi retrieve_functions GET /api/lambda/functions/{func_id} Method returns the information about the function
LambdaApi retrieve_requests GET /api/lambda/requests/{id} Method returns the status of the request
MembershipsApi destroy DELETE /api/memberships/{id} Delete a membership
MembershipsApi list GET /api/memberships List memberships
MembershipsApi partial_update PATCH /api/memberships/{id} Update a membership
MembershipsApi retrieve GET /api/memberships/{id} Get membership details
OrganizationsApi create POST /api/organizations Create an organization
OrganizationsApi destroy DELETE /api/organizations/{id} Delete an organization
OrganizationsApi list GET /api/organizations List organizations
OrganizationsApi partial_update PATCH /api/organizations/{id} Update an organization
OrganizationsApi retrieve GET /api/organizations/{id} Get organization details
ProjectsApi create POST /api/projects Create a project
ProjectsApi create_backup POST /api/projects/backup/ Recreate a project from a backup
ProjectsApi create_dataset POST /api/projects/{id}/dataset/ Import a dataset into a project
ProjectsApi destroy DELETE /api/projects/{id} Delete a project
ProjectsApi list GET /api/projects List projects
ProjectsApi partial_update PATCH /api/projects/{id} Update a project
ProjectsApi retrieve GET /api/projects/{id} Get project details
ProjectsApi retrieve_annotations GET /api/projects/{id}/annotations Get project annotations
ProjectsApi retrieve_backup GET /api/projects/{id}/backup Back up a project
ProjectsApi retrieve_dataset GET /api/projects/{id}/dataset/ Export a project as a dataset / Check dataset import status
ProjectsApi retrieve_preview GET /api/projects/{id}/preview Get a preview image for a project
QualityApi create_report POST /api/quality/reports Create a quality report
QualityApi list_conflicts GET /api/quality/conflicts List annotation conflicts in a quality report
QualityApi list_reports GET /api/quality/reports List quality reports
QualityApi list_settings GET /api/quality/settings List quality settings instances
QualityApi partial_update_settings PATCH /api/quality/settings/{id} Update a quality settings instance
QualityApi retrieve_report GET /api/quality/reports/{id} Get quality report details
QualityApi retrieve_report_data GET /api/quality/reports/{id}/data Get quality report contents
QualityApi retrieve_settings GET /api/quality/settings/{id} Get quality settings instance details
SchemaApi retrieve GET /api/schema/
ServerApi list_share GET /api/server/share List files/directories in the mounted share
ServerApi retrieve_about GET /api/server/about Get basic CVAT information
ServerApi retrieve_annotation_formats GET /api/server/annotation/formats Get supported annotation formats
ServerApi retrieve_plugins GET /api/server/plugins Get enabled plugins
TasksApi jobs_partial_update_data_meta PATCH /api/jobs/{id}/data/meta Update metainformation for media files in a job
TasksApi create POST /api/tasks Create a task
TasksApi create_annotations POST /api/tasks/{id}/annotations/ Import annotations into a task
TasksApi create_backup POST /api/tasks/backup/ Recreate a task from a backup
TasksApi create_data POST /api/tasks/{id}/data/ Attach data to a task
TasksApi destroy DELETE /api/tasks/{id} Delete a task
TasksApi destroy_annotations DELETE /api/tasks/{id}/annotations/ Delete task annotations
TasksApi list GET /api/tasks List tasks
TasksApi partial_update PATCH /api/tasks/{id} Update a task
TasksApi partial_update_annotations PATCH /api/tasks/{id}/annotations/ Update task annotations
TasksApi partial_update_data_meta PATCH /api/tasks/{id}/data/meta Update metainformation for media files in a task
TasksApi retrieve GET /api/tasks/{id} Get task details
TasksApi retrieve_annotations GET /api/tasks/{id}/annotations/ Get task annotations
TasksApi retrieve_backup GET /api/tasks/{id}/backup Back up a task
TasksApi retrieve_data GET /api/tasks/{id}/data/ Get data of a task
TasksApi retrieve_data_meta GET /api/tasks/{id}/data/meta Get metainformation for media files in a task
TasksApi retrieve_dataset GET /api/tasks/{id}/dataset Export task as a dataset in a specific format
TasksApi retrieve_preview GET /api/tasks/{id}/preview Get a preview image for a task
TasksApi retrieve_status GET /api/tasks/{id}/status Get the creation status of a task
TasksApi update_annotations PUT /api/tasks/{id}/annotations/ Replace task annotations / Get annotation import status
UsersApi destroy DELETE /api/users/{id} Delete a user
UsersApi list GET /api/users List users
UsersApi partial_update PATCH /api/users/{id} Update a user
UsersApi retrieve GET /api/users/{id} Get user details
UsersApi retrieve_self GET /api/users/self Get details of the current user
WebhooksApi create POST /api/webhooks Create a webhook
WebhooksApi create_deliveries_redelivery POST /api/webhooks/{id}/deliveries/{delivery_id}/redelivery Redeliver a webhook delivery
WebhooksApi create_ping POST /api/webhooks/{id}/ping Send a ping webhook
WebhooksApi destroy DELETE /api/webhooks/{id} Delete a webhook
WebhooksApi list GET /api/webhooks List webhooks
WebhooksApi list_deliveries GET /api/webhooks/{id}/deliveries List deliveries for a webhook
WebhooksApi partial_update PATCH /api/webhooks/{id} Update a webhook
WebhooksApi retrieve GET /api/webhooks/{id} Get webhook details
WebhooksApi retrieve_deliveries GET /api/webhooks/{id}/deliveries/{delivery_id} Get details of a webhook delivery
WebhooksApi retrieve_events GET /api/webhooks/events List available webhook events
WebhooksApi update PUT /api/webhooks/{id} Replace a webhook