Import datasets and upload annotation

This section explains how to download and upload datasets (including annotation, images, and metadata) of projects, tasks, and jobs.

Export dataset

You can export a dataset to a project, task or job.

  1. To download the latest annotations, you have to save all changes first. Click the Save button. There is a Ctrl+S shortcut to save annotations quickly.

  2. After that, click the Menu button. Exporting and importing of task and project datasets takes place through the Action menu.

  3. Press the Export task dataset button.

  4. Choose the format for exporting the dataset. Exporting and importing is available in:

  5. To download images with the dataset, enable the Save images option.

  6. (Optional) To name the resulting archive, use the Custom name field.

  7. You can choose a storage for dataset export by selecting a target storage Local or Cloud storage. The default settings are the settings that had been selected when the project was created (for example, if you specified a local storage when you created the project, then by default, you will be prompted to export the dataset to your PC). You can find out the default value by hovering the mouse over the ?. Learn more about attach cloud storage.

Import dataset

You can import dataset only to a project. In this case, the data will be split into subsets. To import a dataset, do the following on the Project page:

  • Open the Actions menu.
  • Press the Import dataset button.
  • Select the dataset format (if you did not specify a custom name during export, the format will be in the archive name).
  • Drag the file to the file upload area or click on the upload area to select the file through the explorer.

  • You can also import a dataset from an attached cloud storage. Here you should select the annotation format, then select a cloud storage from the list or use default settings if you have already specified required cloud storage for task or project and specify a zip archive to the text field File name.

During the import process, you will be able to track the progress of the import.

Upload annotations

In the task or job you can upload an annotation. For this select the item Upload annotation in the menu Action of the task or in the job Menu on the Top panel select the format in which you plan to upload the annotation and select the annotation file or archive via explorer.

Or you can also use the attached cloud storage to upload the annotation file.