Overview of available search options.

There are several options how to use the search.

  • Search within all fields (owner, assignee, task name, task status, task mode). To execute enter a search string in search field.
  • Search for specific fields. How to perform:
    • owner: admin - all tasks created by the user who has the substring “admin” in his name
    • assignee: employee - all tasks which are assigned to a user who has the substring “employee” in his name
    • name: training - all tasks with the substring “training” in their names
    • mode: annotation or mode: interpolation - all tasks with images or videos.
    • status: annotation or status: validation or status: completed - search by status
    • id: 5 - task with id = 5.
  • Multiple filters. Filters can be combined (except for the identifier) ​​using the keyword AND:
    • mode: interpolation AND owner: admin
    • mode: annotation and status: annotation

The search is case insensitive.