Drawing using automatic borders

You can use auto borders when drawing a polygon. Using automatic borders allows you to automatically trace the outline of polygons existing in the annotation.

  • To do this, go to settings -> workspace tab and enable Automatic Bordering or press Ctrl while drawing a polygon.

  • Start drawing / editing a polygon.

  • Points of other shapes will be highlighted, which means that the polygon can be attached to them.

  • Define the part of the polygon path that you want to repeat.

  • Click on the first point of the contour part.

  • Then click on any point located on part of the path. The selected point will be highlighted in purple.

  • Click on the last point and the outline to this point will be built automatically.

Besides, you can set a fixed number of points in the Number of points field, then drawing will be stopped automatically. To enable dragging you should right-click inside the polygon and choose Switch pinned property.

Below you can see results with opacity and black stroke:

If you need to annotate small objects, increase Image Quality to 95 in Create task dialog for your convenience.