Upgrade guide

Instructions for upgrading CVAT deployed with docker compose

Upgrade guide

To upgrade CVAT, follow these steps:

  • It is highly recommended backup all CVAT data before updating, follow the backup guide and backup all CVAT volumes.

  • Go to the previously cloned CVAT directory and stop all CVAT containers with:

    docker-compose down

    If you have included additional components, include all compose configuration files that are used, e.g.:

    docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f components/analytics/docker-compose.analytics.yml down
  • Update CVAT source code by any preferable way: clone with git or download zip file from GitHub. Note that you need to download the entire source code, not just the docker-compose configuration file. Check the installation guide for details.

  • Verify settings: The installation process is changed/modified from version to version and you may need to export some environment variables, for example CVAT_HOST.

  • Update local CVAT images. Pull or build new CVAT images, see How to pull/build/update CVAT images section for details.

  • Start CVAT with:

    docker-compose up -d

    When CVAT starts, it will upgrade its DB in accordance with the latest schema. It can take time especially if you have a lot of data. Please do not terminate the migration and wait till the process is complete. You can monitor the startup process with the following command:

    docker logs cvat_server -f

How to udgrade CVAT from v1.7.0 to v2.1.0.

Step by step commands how to udgrade CVAT from v1.7.0 to v2.1.0. Let’s assume that you have CVAT v1.7.0 working.

cd cvat
docker-compose down
cd ..
mv cvat cvat_old
wget https://github.com/opencv/cvat/archive/refs/tags/v2.1.0.zip
unzip v2.1.0.zip && mv cvat-2.1.0 cvat
cd cvat
docker pull cvat/server:v2.1.0
docker tag cvat/server:v2.1.0 openvino/cvat_server:latest
docker pull cvat/ui:v2.1.0
docker tag cvat/ui:v2.1.0 openvino/cvat_ui:latest
docker-compose up -d