Backup Task and Project

In CVAT you can backup tasks and projects. This can be used to backup a task or project on your PC or to transfer to another server.


To backup a task or project, open the action menu and select Backup Task or Backup Project.

Backup structure

As a result, you’ll get a zip archive containing data, task or project and task specification and annotations with the following structure:

    ├── data
    │   └── {user uploaded data}
    ├── task.json
    └── annotations.json
    ├── task_{id}
    │   ├── data
    │   │   └── {user uploaded data}
    │   ├── task.json
    │   └── annotations.json
    └── project.json

Backup API

  • endpoint: /tasks/{id}/backup or /projects/{id}/backup
  • method: GET
  • responses: 202, 201 with zip archive payload

Create from backup

To create a task or project from a backup, go to the tasks or projects page, click the Create from backup button and select the archive you need.

As a result, you’ll get a task containing data, parameters, and annotations of the previously exported task.

Create from backup API

  • endpoint: /api/tasks/backup or /api/projects/backup
  • method: POST
  • Content-Type: multipart/form-data
  • responses: 202, 201 with json payload