Backup Task and Project


In CVAT you can backup tasks and projects. This can be used to backup a task or project on your PC or to transfer to another server.

Create backup

To backup a task or project, open the action menu and select Backup Task or Backup Project.

You can backup a project or a task locally on your PC or using an attached cloud storage.

(Optional) Specify the name in the Custom name text field for backup, otherwise the file of backup name will be given by the mask project_<project_name>_backup_<date>_<time>.zip for the projects and task_<task_name>_backup_<date>_<time>.zip for the tasks.

If you want to save a backup to a specific attached cloud storage, you should additionally turn off the switch Use default settings, select the Cloud storage value in the Target storage and select this storage in the list of the attached cloud storages.

Create backup APIs

  • endpoints:
    • /tasks/{id}/backup
    • /projects/{id}/backup
  • method: GET
  • responses: 202, 201 with zip archive payload

Upload backup APIs

  • endpoints:
    • /api/tasks/backup
    • /api/projects/backup
  • method: POST
  • Content-Type: multipart/form-data
  • responses: 202, 201 with json payload

Create from backup

To create a task or project from a backup, go to the tasks or projects page, click the Create from backup button and select the archive you need.

As a result, you’ll get a task containing data, parameters, and annotations of the previously exported task.

Backup file structure

As a result, you’ll get a zip archive containing data, task or project and task specification and annotations with the following structure:

    ├── data
    │   └── {user uploaded data}
    ├── task.json
    └── annotations.json
    ├── task_{id}
    │   ├── data
    │   │   └── {user uploaded data}
    │   ├── task.json
    │   └── annotations.json
    └── project.json