Controls sidebar

Overview of available functions on the controls sidebar of the annotation tool.

Navigation block - contains tools for moving and rotating images.

Icon Description
Cursor (Esc)- a basic annotation pedacting tool.
Move the image- a tool for moving around the image without
the possibility of editing.
Rotate- two buttons to rotate the current frame
a clockwise (Ctrl+R) and anticlockwise (Ctrl+Shift+R).
You can enable Rotate all images in the settings to rotate all the images in the job


Zoom block - contains tools for image zoom.

Icon Description
Fit image- fits image into the workspace size.
Shortcut - double click on an image
Select a region of interest- zooms in on a selected region.
You can use this tool to quickly zoom in on a specific part of the frame.


Shapes block - contains all the tools for creating shapes.

Icon Description Links to section
AI Tools AI Tools
OpenCV OpenCV
Rectangle Shape mode; Track mode;
Drawing by 4 points
Polygon Annotation with polygons; Track mode with polygons
Polyline Annotation with polylines
Points Annotation with points
Ellipses Annotation with ellipses
Cuboid Annotation with cuboids
Brushing tools Annotation with brushing
Tag Annotation with tags
Open an issue Review (available only in review mode)


Edit block - contains tools for editing tracks and shapes.

Icon Description Links to section
Merge Shapes(M) - starts/stops the merging shapes mode. Track mode (basics)
Group Shapes (G) - starts/stops the grouping shapes mode. Shape grouping
Split - splits a track. Track mode (advanced)
Split - splits a track. Track mode (advanced)
Joins multiple labels into one Joining mask tool
Slices one label into several. Slice mask/polygon