How to export and import data in MOT format

The MOT (Multiple Object Tracking) sequence format is widely used for evaluating multi-object tracking algorithms, particularly in the domains of pedestrian tracking, vehicle tracking, and more. The MOT sequence format essentially contains frames of video along with annotations that specify object locations and identities over time.

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MOT export

For export of images and videos:

  • Supported annotations: Bounding Boxes, Tracks.
  • Attributes: visibility (number), ignored (checkbox)
  • Tracks: Supported.

The downloaded file is a .zip archive with the following structure:
├── img1/
|   ├── image1.jpg
|   └── image2.jpg
└── gt/
    ├── labels.txt
    └── gt.txt

# labels.txt

# gt.txt
# frame_id, track_id, x, y, w, h, "not ignored", class_id, visibility, <skipped>

MOT import

Uploaded file: a zip archive of the structure above or:
└── gt/
    └── gt.txt
    └── labels.txt # optional, mandatory for non-official labels
  • supported annotations: Rectangle tracks