How to export and import data in Market-1501 format

The Market-1501 dataset is widely used for person re-identification tasks. It is a challenging dataset that has gained significant attention in the computer vision community.

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Market-1501 export

For export of images:

  • Supported annotations: Bounding Boxes
  • Attributes: query (checkbox), person_id (number), camera_id(number).
  • Tracks: Not supported.

Th downloaded file is a .zip archive with the following structure:
├── bounding_box_<any_subset_name>/
│   └── image_name_1.jpg
└── query
    ├── image_name_2.jpg
    └── image_name_3.jpg
# if we keep only annotation:
└── images_<any_subset_name>.txt
# images_<any_subset_name>.txt
# image_name = 0001_c1s1_000015_00.jpg
0001 - person id
c1 - camera id (there are totally 6 cameras)
s1 - sequence
000015 - frame number in sequence
00 - means that this bounding box is the first one among the several

Market-1501 import

Uploaded file: a zip archive of the structure above

  • supported annotations: Label market-1501 with attributes (query, person_id, camera_id)