To open the settings open the user menu in the header and select the settings item or press F2.

Settings have two tabs:

In tab Player you can:

  • Control step of C and V shortcuts.
  • Control speed of Space/Play button.
  • Select canvas background color. You can choose a background color or enter manually (in RGB or HEX format).
  • Reset zoom Show every image in full size or zoomed out like previous (it is enabled by default for interpolation mode and disabled for annotation mode).
  • Rotate all images checkbox — switch the rotation of all frames or an individual frame.
  • Smooth image checkbox — smooth image when zoom-in it.
    smoothed pixelized

In tab Workspace you can:

  • Enable auto save checkbox — turned off by default.

  • Auto save interval (min) input box — 15 minutes by default.

  • Show all interpolation tracks checkbox — shows hidden objects on the side panel for every interpolated object (turned off by default).

  • Always show object details - show text for an object on the canvas not only when the object is activated:

  • Content of a text - setup of the composition of the object details:

    • ID - object identifier.
    • Attributes - attributes of the object.
    • Label - object label.
    • Source- source of creating of objects MANUAL, AUTO or SEMI-AUTO.
    • Descriptions - description of attributes.
  • Position of a text - text positioning mode selection:

    • Auto - the object details will be automatically placed where free space is.
    • Center - the object details will be embedded to a corresponding object if possible.
  • Font size of a text - specifies the text size of the object details.

  • Automatic bordering - enable automatic bordering for polygons and polylines during drawing/editing. For more information To find out more, go to the section annotation with polygons.

  • Intelligent polygon cropping - activates intelligent cropping when editing the polygon (read more in the section edit polygon

  • Show tags on frame - shows/hides frame tags on current frame

  • Attribute annotation mode (AAM) zoom margin input box — defines margins (in px) for shape in the attribute annotation mode.

  • Control points size — defines a size of any interactable points in the tool (polygon’s vertices, rectangle dragging points, etc.)

  • Default number of points in polygon approximation With this setting, you can choose the default number of points in polygon. Works for serverless interactors and OpenCV scissors.

  • Click Save to save settings (settings will be saved on the server and will not change after the page is refreshed). Click Cancel or press F2 to return to the annotation.