Superuser registration

A CVAT installation guide to create a superuser.

This section is for users who want to be a bit more flexible with CVAT use.

The user you register by default does not have full permissions on the instance, so you must create a superuser. The superuser can use Django administration panel to assign groups (roles) to other users.
Available roles are: user (default), admin, business, worker.


Before you register an admin account (superuser), you need to install CVAT locally, see Installation Guide.

Steps of installation are partly different, depending on the type of operation system (OS).

This section starts with Create superuser step that is common for all OS.

Register as a superuser

In the process of installation you need to create a superuser:

  1. In a terminal run the following command:
  docker exec -it cvat_server bash -ic 'python3 ~/ createsuperuser'
  1. Set up username, email address, and password.
  2. Go to localhost:8080, and log in with credentials from step 2.
  3. (Optional) Go to Django administration panel panel to:
    • Create/edit/delete users
    • Control permissions of users and access to the tool.

Django panel

To manage users’ permission, in the Django administration panel:

  1. On the left menu click Users.
  2. On the main pane click Admin and scroll down to Permissions section.
  3. Select user groups and add/remove permissions.