Shape mode (basics)

Usage examples and basic operations available during annotation in shape mode.

Usage examples:

  • Create new annotations for a set of images.
  • Add/modify/delete objects for existing annotations.
  1. You need to select Rectangle on the controls sidebar:

    Before you start, select the correct Label (should be specified by you when creating the task) and Drawing Method (by 2 points or by 4 points):

  2. Creating a new annotation in Shape mode:

    • Create a separate Rectangle by clicking on Shape.

    • Choose the opposite points. Your first rectangle is ready!

    • To learn more about creating a rectangle read here.

    • It is possible to adjust boundaries and location of the rectangle using a mouse. Rectangle’s size is shown in the top right corner , you can check it by clicking on any point of the shape. You can also undo your actions using Ctrl+Z and redo them with Shift+Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+Y.

  3. You can see the Object card in the objects sidebar or open it by right-clicking on the object. You can change the attributes in the details section. You can perform basic operations or delete an object by clicking on the action menu button.

  4. The following figure is an example of a fully annotated frame with separate shapes.

    Read more in the section shape mode (advanced).