Attribute annotation mode (basics)

Usage examples and basic operations available in attribute annotation mode.
  • In this mode you can edit attributes with fast navigation between objects and frames using a keyboard. Open the drop-down list in the top panel and select Attribute annotation Mode.

  • In this mode objects panel change to a special panel :

  • The active attribute will be red. In this case it is gender . Look at the bottom side panel to see all possible shortcuts for changing the attribute. Press key 2 on your keyboard to assign a value (female) for the attribute or select from the drop-down list.

  • Press Up Arrow/Down Arrow on your keyboard or click the buttons in the UI to go to the next/previous attribute. In this case, after pressing Down Arrow you will be able to edit the Age attribute.

  • Use Right Arrow/Left Arrow keys to move to the previous/next image with annotation.

To see all the hot keys available in the attribute annotation mode, press F2. Read more in the section attribute annotation mode (advanced).