Command line interface (CLI)

Guide to working with CVAT tasks in the command line interface. This section on GitHub.

Description A simple command line interface for working with CVAT tasks. At the moment it implements a basic feature set but may serve as the starting point for a more comprehensive CVAT administration tool in the future.

Overview of functionality:

  • Create a new task (supports name, bug tracker, project, labels JSON, local/share/remote files)
  • Delete tasks (supports deleting a list of task IDs)
  • List all tasks (supports basic CSV or JSON output)
  • Download JPEG frames (supports a list of frame IDs)
  • Dump annotations (supports all formats via format string)
  • Upload annotations for a task in the specified format (e.g. ‘YOLO ZIP 1.0’)
  • Export and download a whole task
  • Import a task


usage: [-h] [--auth USER:[PASS]] [--server-host SERVER_HOST]
              [--server-port SERVER_PORT] [--debug]
              {create,delete,ls,frames,dump,upload,export,import} ...

Perform common operations related to CVAT tasks.

positional arguments:

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --auth USER:[PASS]    defaults to the current user and supports the PASS
                        environment variable or password prompt.
  --server-host SERVER_HOST
                        host (default: localhost)
  --server-port SERVER_PORT
                        port (default: 8080)
                        using https connection (default: False)
  --debug               show debug output


  • Create a task create "new task" --labels labels.json local file1.jpg file2.jpg
  • Delete some tasks delete 100 101 102
  • List all tasks ls
  • Dump annotations dump --format "CVAT for images 1.1" 103 output.xml