List of terms pertaining to annotation in CVAT.

Label is a type of an annotated object (e.g. person, car, vehicle, etc.)

Attribute is a property of an annotated object (e.g. color, model, quality, etc.). There are two types of attributes:

  • Unique: immutable and can’t be changed from frame to frame (e.g. age, gender, color, etc.)

  • Temporary: mutable and can be changed on any frame (e.g. quality, pose, truncated, etc.)

Track is a set of shapes on different frames which corresponds to one object. Tracks are created in Track mode

Annotation is a set of shapes and tracks. There are several types of annotations:

  • Manual which is created by a person
  • Semi-automatic which is created mainly automatically, but the user provides some data (e.g. interpolation)
  • Automatic which is created automatically without a person in the loop

Approximation allows you to reduce the number of points in the polygon. Can be used to reduce the annotation file and to facilitate editing polygons.

Trackable object will be tracked automatically if the previous frame was a latest keyframe for the object. More details in the section trackers.