Tasks page

Overview of the Tasks page.

The tasks page contains elements and each of them relates to a separate task. They are sorted in creation order. Each element contains: task name, preview, progress bar, button Open, and menu Actions. Each button is responsible for a in menu Actions specific function:

  • Export task dataset — download annotations or annotations and images in a specific format. More information is available in the Downloading annotations section.
  • Upload annotation is available in the same formats as in Export task dataset. The CVAT format accepts both video and image sub-formats.
  • Automatic Annotation — automatic annotation with OpenVINO toolkit. Presence depends on how you build CVAT instance.
  • Export task — Export a task into a zip archive. Read more in the export/import a task section.
  • Move to project — Moving the task to the project (can be used to move a task from one project to another). Note that attributes reset during the moving process. In case of label mismatch, you can create or delete necessary labels in the project/task. Some task labels can be matched with the target project labels.
  • Delete — delete task.

Push Open button to go to task details.