Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions

How to update CVAT

Before updating, please follow the backup guide and backup all CVAT volumes.

To update CVAT, you should clone or download the new version of CVAT and rebuild the CVAT docker images as usual.

docker-compose build

and run containers:

docker-compose up -d

Sometimes the update process takes a lot of time due to changes in the database schema and data. You can check the current status with docker logs cvat. Please do not terminate the migration and wait till the process is complete.

Kibana app works, but no logs are displayed

Make sure there aren’t error messages from Elasticsearch:

docker logs cvat_elasticsearch

If you see errors like this:

lood stage disk watermark [95%] exceeded on [uMg9WI30QIOJxxJNDiIPgQ][uMg9WI3][/usr/share/elasticsearch/data/nodes/0] free: 116.5gb[4%], all indices on this node will be marked read-only

You should free up disk space or change the threshold, to do so check: Elasticsearch documentation.

How to change default CVAT hostname or port

To change the hostname, simply set the CVAT_HOST environemnt variable


If you want to change the port, change the entryPoints.web.address part of traefik image command in docker-compose.yml

      - "--providers.docker.exposedByDefault=false"
      - ""
      - "--entryPoints.web.address=:<YOUR_PORT>"

Note that changing the port does not make sense if you are using HTTPS - port 443 is conventionally used for HTTPS connections, and is needed for Let’s Encrypt TLS challenge.

How to configure connected share folder on Windows

Follow the Docker manual and configure the directory that you want to use as a shared directory:

After that, it should be possible to use this directory as a CVAT share:

version: '3.3'

      - cvat_share:/home/django/share:ro

      type: none
      device: /d/my_cvat_share
      o: bind

How to make unassigned tasks not visible to all users

Set reduce_task_visibility variable to True.

Where are uploaded images/videos stored

The uploaded data is stored in the cvat_data docker volume:

  - cvat_data:/home/django/data

Where are annotations stored

Annotations are stored in the PostgreSQL database. The database files are stored in the cvat_db docker volume:

  - cvat_db:/var/lib/postgresql/data

How to mark job/task as completed

The status is set by the user in the Info window of the job annotation view. There are three types of status: annotation, validation or completed. The status of the job changes the progress bar of the task.

How to install CVAT on Windows 10 Home

Follow this guide.

I do not have the Analytics tab on the header section. How can I add analytics

You should build CVAT images with ‘Analytics’ component.

How to upload annotations to an entire task from UI when there are multiple jobs in the task

You can upload annotation for a multi-job task from the Dasboard view or the Task view. Uploading of annotation from the Annotation view only affects the current job.

How to specify multiple hostnames

To do this, you will need to edit traefik.http.<router>.cvat.rule docker label for both the cvat and cvat_ui services, like so (see the documentation on Traefik rules for more details):

      - traefik.http.routers.cvat.rule=(Host(``) || Host(``)) &&
          PathPrefix(`/api/`, `/git/`, `/opencv/`, `/analytics/`, `/static/`, `/admin`, `/documentation/`, `/django-rq`)

      - traefik.http.routers.cvat-ui.rule=Host(``) || Host(``)

How to create a task with multiple jobs

Set the segment size when you create a new task, this option is available in the Advanced configuration section.

How to transfer CVAT to another machine

Follow the backup/restore guide.