How to export and import data in Cityscapes format

The Cityscapes format is a widely-used standard in the field of computer vision, particularly for tasks involving semantic and instance segmentation in urban scenes. This dataset format typically comprises high-resolution images of cityscapes along with detailed pixel-level annotations.

Each pixel is labeled with a category such as “road,” “pedestrian,” or “vehicle,” making it a valuable resource for training and validating machine learning models aimed at understanding urban environments. It’s a go-to choice for researchers and professionals working on autonomous vehicles, robotics, and smart cities.

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Cityscapes export

For export of images:

  • Supported annotations: Polygons (segmentation), Bounding Boxes.
  • Attributes:
    • is_crowd boolean, should be defined for labels as checkbox. Specifies if the annotation label can distinguish between different instances. If False, the annotation id field encodes the instance id.
  • Tracks: Not supported.

The downloaded file is a .zip archive with the following structure:

├── label_color.txt
├── gtFine
│   ├── <subset_name>
│   │   └── <city_name>
│   │       ├── image_0_gtFine_instanceIds.png
│   │       ├── image_0_gtFine_color.png
│   │       ├── image_0_gtFine_labelIds.png
│   │       ├── image_1_gtFine_instanceIds.png
│   │       ├── image_1_gtFine_color.png
│   │       ├── image_1_gtFine_labelIds.png
│   │       ├── ...
└── imgsFine  # if saving images was requested
    └── leftImg8bit
        ├── <subset_name>
        │   └── <city_name>
        │       ├── image_0_leftImg8bit.png
        │       ├── image_1_leftImg8bit.png
        │       ├── ...
  • label_color.txt a file that describes the color for each label
# label_color.txt example
# r g b label_name
0 0 0 background
0 255 0 tree
  • *_gtFine_color.png class labels encoded by its color.
  • *_gtFine_labelIds.png class labels are encoded by its index.
  • *_gtFine_instanceIds.png class and instance labels encoded by an instance ID. The pixel values encode class and the individual instance: the integer part of a division by 1000 of each ID provides class ID, the remainder is the instance ID. If a certain annotation describes multiple instances, then the pixels have the regular ID of that class

Cityscapes annotations import

Uploaded file: a zip archive with the following structure:

├── label_color.txt # optional
└── gtFine
    └── <city_name>
        ├── image_0_gtFine_instanceIds.png
        ├── image_1_gtFine_instanceIds.png
        ├── ...

Creating task with Cityscapes dataset

Create a task with the labels you need or you can use the labels and colors of the original dataset. To work with the Cityscapes format, you must have a black color label for the background.

Original Cityscapes color map:

    {"name": "unlabeled", "color": "#000000", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "egovehicle", "color": "#000000", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "rectificationborder", "color": "#000000", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "outofroi", "color": "#000000", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "static", "color": "#000000", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "dynamic", "color": "#6f4a00", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "ground", "color": "#510051", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "road", "color": "#804080", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "sidewalk", "color": "#f423e8", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "parking", "color": "#faaaa0", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "railtrack", "color": "#e6968c", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "building", "color": "#464646", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "wall", "color": "#66669c", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "fence", "color": "#be9999", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "guardrail", "color": "#b4a5b4", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "bridge", "color": "#966464", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "tunnel", "color": "#96785a", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "pole", "color": "#999999", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "polegroup", "color": "#999999", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "trafficlight", "color": "#faaa1e", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "trafficsign", "color": "#dcdc00", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "vegetation", "color": "#6b8e23", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "terrain", "color": "#98fb98", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "sky", "color": "#4682b4", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "person", "color": "#dc143c", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "rider", "color": "#ff0000", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "car", "color": "#00008e", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "truck", "color": "#000046", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "bus", "color": "#003c64", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "caravan", "color": "#00005a", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "trailer", "color": "#00006e", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "train", "color": "#005064", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "motorcycle", "color": "#0000e6", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "bicycle", "color": "#770b20", "attributes": []},
    {"name": "licenseplate", "color": "#00000e", "attributes": []}

Upload images when creating a task:
    ├── image_0.jpg
    ├── image_1.jpg
    ├── ...

After creating the task, upload the Cityscapes annotations as described in the previous section.